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How Many Mahjong Types Do You Know?

We often hear the saying "nothing is permanent but change itself". Truthfully, we see a lot of things change over time, and the gambling world is no exception to this.

Something that is as old as mahjong cannot help but change. This gambling game has a long history and has gone from one country to another. You should not be surprised to learn that there are more than one kind of this gambling game.

Some of the known types of mahjong today include, of course, the original Chinese mahjong, the American mahjong, and the Western classical mahjong. You should not also forget about the Hong Kong Mahjong, also known as the Cantonese Mahjong. Aside from that, there also exist the other types like Fujian mahjong, Taiwanese mahjong, Filipino mahjong and Vietnamese mahjong.

Most of these variations follow the fundamentals of the original gambling game, with the exception of the American mahjong. American mahjong has the most major alteration made with the classic gambling game that some gambling fans argue that American mahjong must not be considered to be under mahjong anymore. Instead, they believe that American mahjong is a different gambling game.

What were changed in this gambling game since its inception? Some variants of this gambling game have different rules in scoring, while others just use more tiles.

A lot of gambling people welcome these changes with open arms because they believe change can do good to all of us. They believe that for something to, it must change, even a little bit.

However, conservative gambling fans do not want a lot of changes to happen to their gambling game. They believe that once a gambling game undergoes a major alteration, it loses its essence.

Because of this, there is an ongoing debate on preserving the original gambling game or to patronize the newer versions of mahjong.

I say that there should not be any fight on this topic. What should be done is to analyze the good points of the different types of this gambling game, and then see which one of them will work for you just fine. Surely, everything has its weaknesses and strengths, so you should need to learn them. It would be better for you to learn a bit of every variation of this gambling game; it might even help you with your strategy. No one should be so biased for change or against change, so that we could bring the best out of this gambling game.